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Shanghai tourism festival, in order to culture light happiness

Date: 2014-11-19

After years of building and practice, today's tour, Shanghai tourism festival has blasted, and multiple deductive "sonata", urban tourism essence depth fusion, improve the positioning for the content of "the public holiday of" quality, with cultural light happiness, bring more experience, more surprise to Chinese and foreign tourists. This edition focuses on the two innovation project of tourism festival this year, provide accurate "roadmap" to participate in tourism festival.
"Little Shanghai", the beauty of zero threshold found shen yuan
Lives in Shanghai, did you ever have time to have a mood to roam, meanwhile, carefully around, slowly, feel its broad and delicate and soft?
The opening of the Shanghai tourism festival tomorrow, have a content is for citizens visitors intimate combing the beauty of Shanghai.
"Walk, su river", "treasure ยท residences", "meet, wu tak", "dialogue, Eileen chang", "listen, hongkou", "Shanghai", six theme distinctive characteristic of micro travel route, multi-angle display and reveal charm, the Shanghai style culture through the essence of the integration of Shanghai's urban tourism resources, providing visitors with zero threshold discovery and experience the "guide" of Shanghai.
Fuschia cheng, deputy director of Shanghai municipal tourism bureau, told reporters that "little Shanghai" swim for innovation project of Shanghai tourism festival this year, the project will be huangpu, xuhui, changning, downtown hongkou, jing 'an five features of tourism resources of the organic combination, through the scarecrow travel network recruiting more urban white-collar workers, students and other free participation, mainly on foot, promote "slow lives" and urban travel concept.
14 this month, "little Shanghai" swim activities will be held in downtown five participants start ceremony. Interested parties can log on to the scarecrow travel network application to participate in the activities of "little Shanghai" swim series. Organizers in each route has designed a special task link, such as interactive answer, fixed-point photos, etc; Walking after the activity, participants can "le tour Shanghai" micro letter subscription number for lucky draw, have access to special bicycle and other prizes.
Cheng fuschia, "little Shanghai" visit throughout the entire tourism festival, activities of the citizens walking visitors can participate in a team, can be independent experience, walking and enjoy, the beauty of polyhedral finely experience.
Hand two micro lines, can peep the vicissitude of the city. Ancient residences is Shanghai context dictionary, modern Shanghai vicissitudes of the yearbook, contemporary Shanghai log of prosperity. When people ride huangpu, walking on the bund, sipping yuyuan garden, might want to know the land at the foot of the stories happened before.
So, might as well followed a "treasure hunt, residences" micro line, starting from the ancient city park, in the city centre, Shanghai old street, XunDao street, temple street, old street, bliss, dream road, such as the old city in the new lane, from "living there Shanghai old street", touch the texture of the old Shanghai, experience the new Shanghai pulsation.
And the other a "wind and cloud, Shanghai is the changes in Shanghai after picks the opening of its port, and recorded how Shanghai from a small fishing village of dumpling to metropolis. Park, nanjing west road, nanyang road via jing an temple, shanxi south road, nahuy road, huaihai road, changshu road, along the upcoming, Wu Kanglu, the exquisite delicate, chief of mahler villa residence of match well of Chinese and western, ba jin's literary breath... Have a heartache.
"Little Shanghai" swim 6 lines, both cultural symbol residences in Shanghai, the suzhou river, also have in cultural high-profile figures such as zhang ailing, wu, mike, "listen, hongkou", "wind and cloud, Shanghai etc., will look at the city's eyes focused on the red tourism, wharf cultural theme, makes visitors walk in crawl, feeling more.
Footsteps, measure the length of the city not only, more measuring the depth of the city.
Musical "Shanghai beach", many artists of the "Shanghai"
A from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other creative elite create original musical "Shanghai beach", will debut shen in the Shanghai tourism festival this year.
According to "the bund" product Fang Jindian workshop controller introduces, "Shanghai" will be a join the European musical drama, American musical entertainment, both traditional Chinese values and musical art element, the organizers from the Broadway specially invited famous choreographer pour. Artists from different countries and regions, in line with to the audience the flavor of the "Shanghai", to the art language touch sparks of tacit understanding compatibility, build a new business card of Shanghai culture.
A live band playing "with the opening of the chorus performance impressive big Shanghai, and then served as too many musicals heroine, musical teacher from South Korea the British hong, her a song" cordate telosma voice outstanding charming, stunning. Along with the plot moving and Shanghai opera version of the song bird, mandarin version of the "rose rose I love you", "evening primrose" and so on 30 s Shanghai oldies to audience in unexpected ways, in the play the theme from the original "Shanghai beach" the familiar classical melodies will also be given new rhythm.
In addition to Chinese and western on the music, the musical "the bund" dance style is bold. Kept Shanghai elements at the same time, and joined a large number of fashionable Europe and the United States. Choreographer told reporters from Broadway, it blended in modern dance, jazz dance, tap dance, ballroom dancing, and other dance style, combined with the cheongsam, axes, round fan, oiled paper umbrella, abacus, rickshaws, such as clothing and props of Chinese characteristics, reflecting the unique temperament of the junction of east and west culture in the 1930 s Shanghai, waltz, get into the dream ballet, tap, jazz dance, mix the Chinese kung fu street dance, etc., each dance can make audience with swing up uncontrollably. Street drama, flower girl, rickshaw driver busy figure, parliaments dancer lithe and graceful body appearance, etc., will be to dance movements, dance to "story".