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"Little Shanghai" swim leads the visitor with steps found the beauty of the city

Date: 2014-10-30

Innovation project of Shanghai tourism festival 2014 "little Shanghai" swim recently launched, 3000 tourists from home and abroad the spontaneous signed up for this activity, respectively, set foot on six theme micro travel routes, by way of exploring on foot Shanghai Shanghai cultural charm.
According to understand, six subject lines are respectively "walk, su river" "treasure ยท residences" "met wu," mike "dialogue," zhang ", listen to hongkou, "" wind and cloud, Shanghai", common in 8 to 9 kilometres long.
One-day tour line is different with traditional travel, the combination of these lines are not tourist attractions, but according to the Shanghai culture symbol mark series, through the "city", tourists take, from the old shikumen to new Shanghai style culture, various periods of the element in Shanghai to know and understand the city.
This is the Shanghai municipal tourism administration wisdom tourism construction products a helpful attempt to fall to the ground. Activities sponsored by the Shanghai municipal tourism administration, pku, entrust the scarecrow, lasts for 3 months to 5 central city of special tourism resources, organic combination of deep excavation of Shanghai rich historical and cultural accumulation, show more highlights of urban tourism. Micro swimming also elaborate the various tasks in the process, increase the interactive and interesting.
It is understood that the event for free all the way, since September 1 registration open channel, starting the recruitment of tourists has increased from 500 to 3000 people, including 16-40 accounted for 80%.
Tourists travel to the scarecrow found we.54traveler.com "micro swimming Shanghai" series of activities, to choose their own route into the activities of interest page, according to the steps to sign up.