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Innovation, integration, promotion, to build Shanghai tourism "upgrade"

Date: 2014-09-18

Shanghai is striving to build tourism "upgrade", tourism product innovation, speed up to sightseeing, leisure, vacation pay equal attention to change; To promote integration, tourism and other industries to create tourism new formats; Improve service quality, make wisdom tourism, optimize the environment of tourism development, will build the world famous tourism city in Shanghai.
On September 13, 2014 Shanghai tourism festival officially kicked off. Annisa, the deputy mayor of Shanghai, the tourism industry to establish the concept of "big tourism", promote the integration of Yangtze river delta tourism and domestic tourism cooperation, the Shanghai tourism modern service industry of the people to be more satisfied.
Tourism product innovation Shanghai story
The annual Shanghai tourism festival and the most common holiday has become people's heart. During the tourism festival, Shanghai's 17 districts and counties to hold out a batch of distinctive program, a series of classic brands and innovative elements is refreshing.
"Little Shanghai" swim is 2014 innovation project of Shanghai tourism festival, visitors through the "city", various periods of the element in Shanghai to know and understand the city. Shanghai municipal tourism administration developed include "stroll, Sue the bank" "treasure ยท residences" "dialogue," zhang "wind and cloud, Shanghai and other six theme line.
On September 14, from Italy samford rick ferrari and partners, on "little Shanghai" swim trip. He holding a "treasure hunt, residences" brochure, renmin road passing through, fang jia bang road, light qi road, etc., on an east-west, called "DaJing Road", see the remaining period of the old city walls in Shanghai. "Walking really can find treasure." Ferrari said excitedly.
Shanghai is rich in tourism resources, through the ancient and modern, Chinese and western, how these tourism resources integration into available for tourists sightseeing, leisure, vacation tourism products, Shanghai is becoming focus on promoting innovation practice.
In the early qianlong years, Shanghai has the "Shanghai eight sights", said more than 200 years later, the "eight sights" hardly, "new eight sights" stand out from the crowd. "Shanghai landscape painting" in sheshan, dianshan lake, farmer paints three "new eight sights on Shanghai" as the main body image, shows the charm of Shanghai green to the tourists.
Industrial convergence development On the livelihood of the people and the people
In recent years, Shanghai with in about 260 million visitors a year, 8 million overseas tourists. Studies have shown that in all 144 industry, tourism forward directly related industry in 74, after reach 55 direct relevance to the industry, therefore, it is necessary for Shanghai to further integration of tourism resources, related industries, urban brand and management functions, in order to increase the core competitiveness of tourism industry in Shanghai.
During the Shanghai tourism festival this year, there are 56 scenic spots for half price. However, half price tend to attract the popular scenic spot "empty". Netizens @ Sophie warbler said, Shanghai tourism festival, affordable ticket is to enjoy, but played by the drop in quality. First the long queues, and after the hen people crowded people, can be normalized at half price?
Late on September 17, annisa entered the Shanghai television respond to the ticket of Shanghai citizens concerned about half price, tourism services, tourism, and other topics of the elderly. Annisa, said tourism scenic area (point) should be free from "tickets economy" rely on the industrial economic transformation, development of the tourism industry to establish the concept of "big tourism", promoting the development of tourism industry and other industrial convergence.
To break holiday scenic spot the problem of "empty", Shanghai municipal tourism administration has set out to build scenic spots and publish system for real-time monitoring of passenger flow, convenient for tourists choose to travel time and destination. Next, Shanghai will have more free and reduce the price of scenic spots, especially the introduction of preferential policies on special groups.
Improve the service level Open the "wisdom tourism"
Is wisdom tourism year this year, Shanghai is in accordance with the state council "about several opinions to promote the development of the tourism reform, make" traveling in Shanghai "brand, improving the public information service of tourism, tourist market monitoring and warning and three platforms of digital interactive marketing of tourism for visitors to enjoy more convenient, more convenient, more intimate as soon as possible the travel service.
Supported by Shanghai municipal tourism bureau developed a called "itravels" client "mobile tour guide", in apple's app store and android for free download. A tourists told reporters: "this is too easy, follow the smartphone can swim nanjing road, the bund, Shanghai new eight sights, such as easier then."
The reporter understands, Shanghai launched the wisdom of the tourism related application platform and "love travel, Shanghai metro," on the phone to download the software after the tourists through the Shanghai subway, you can visit tourist attractions along the metro lines of the body or characteristics.