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Small room rate Shanghai high-rise land grab irrational tendencies?

Date: 2013-08-30

[Current housing prices for residential plots concern enthusiasm high, fierce competition has led to such a high premium on multi-state land deal. High prices to get behind the outlook for the full description of housing prices is optimistic and will also lead to peripheral joint further rapid rise in prices and even the city]

Two consecutive days highest premium rate exceeded 100%, Shanghai land market fever has so many people in the industry
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Sunshine City 13.21-0.01-0.08% Vanke A9.89-0.02-0.20% China Construction 3.32-0.02-0.60% 11.03-0.10-0.90% Poly Real Estate, Sunshine shares 5.71-0.14-2.39% lamented that "the land market has been irrational tendencies looked up. "