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Shanghai Office of the Commissioner: do real four movements steadily educational practice

Date: 2013-09-16

Office Party and Party organs in accordance with the arrangements, Shanghai in the early mobilization of the Commissioner's Office on the basis of being actively involved in activities, serious science, writing experience, talk about experiences, educational practice steadily.

Action one: a clear "four three" will promote the implementation of the spirit. Ministry of Finance will be held in advance, I do educational practice Edward K. Hwang, deputy head of the Leading Group convened immediately leadership group meeting, the deployment implemented. Required:

One is to ensure three days learning time. Each branch in the case of re-inspection tasks, to do three days of collective learning focused and ready to learn record.

Second, read through the three provisions bibliography. In accordance with the requirements of the provisions of organizing learning content, while carefully read through a good three books.

Third, exchanges three experiences. Each branch of the exchange of learning to do, learning to read, based on each party member write their feelings and experiences in various branches within the communication. Meanwhile, the branch reported a branch secretary and two general cadres learning experience for all office communication.

Four reported three types of activities are dynamic. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, submitted three types of activities are dynamic: a record for the week, each branch every Thursday morning to the activities of the Party committee submitted one week and next week working arrangements; two for the exchange of experience, that branch of innovation activities, practices, etc.; three of opinions and suggestions, which I do on party members and cadres to carry out educational practice comments and suggestions, both supervision, but also to promote.

Action II: Leadership "three leading", activity gradually deepened. Effectiveness of the activities, with emphasis on the importance of leadership and practices. Shanghai Office of the Commissioner's Office first lead in studying educational leadership. Office of the leadership of organizational learning through the convening group meetings, participate in all branch self-learning and other learning heart sank way for us to learn with a good head. The second is to take the lead writing experiences. After learning, leadership and branch secretaries have to do activities in the school, feel, think put on paper, and some highlights profound understanding of activities, some pointed out the significance of the activities, as well as to point out the good conduct Activities essential elements, etc., have implications for party members and cadres. Three is the lead contact with the masses. Office of the leadership front line, to check the progress of the inspection unit to understand, to understand the needs of the grassroots; talk with the Office within the masses to understand for me to do "four winds" view, etc., in order to lay the foundation for the next step to do the rectification activities.

Action three: innovation, "three diverse" organizational learning seriously discussed. I do each branch in accordance with requirements, combined with the actual situation of branch, scientific arrangements, eclectic, diverse forms, the cumulative held six organizational life, seriously study and discussion within the branch. First place of study diversification. Because the nature of the Commissioner's Office decided to check out recently, relatively concentrated period of summer vacations, in order to ensure that every comrade to learn, but also uninterrupted daily work, each branch of learning location flexibility, out inspection work, check them interspersed with concentrated learning; work within the office, the internal focus learning; vacation home, according to bibliographic self. Second diverse forms of learning. In addition to reading through bibliography, documents and other forms of learning, there is a mobilization meeting of Ministers building watching video speech, see the Commissioner's Office in the Ministry of organs and other dynamic activities and other forms. Third, learning diversification. Some branch used alternately reading and discussion format change while reading, making learning more lively discussion, exchange of ideas more fully thorough.

Action four: three forms selected to determine the list of comments. Deployed in accordance with the leading group, discuss each branch after branch meetings, written comments have been selected, "going out" (visits) and "Please come in" (invited to do) comments, three types of unit list. Polls currently has issued 78 written to seek objects for government agencies, audit approval, accounting supervision and financial regulation and other four units.