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City Tour Card accomplish much look forward to

Date: 2013-08-02

Upgraded version of the Shanghai City Tour Card has been issued in Shanghai, this is known as Shanghai version of "Octopus" tourist card, in addition to covering transport card functions, but also related to convenience stores in Shanghai, catering and hotels, tourist attractions, Mall Department Store use credit card, etc., for the public, the launch of this City Tour Card is indeed a "feel good" news.
The excitement, I still have not met. Remember the Shanghai World Expo, the author during a visit to Hong Kong's "City Hall" when he honored the museum acquired a gift of "Octopus" card that food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other convenient service features a clean sweep left me a deep impression. And then came into the Shanghai City Tour Card Although the media won plaudits, but issued nearly four years, public awareness is not high, many people do not understand the function of this card, the old saying is applauded not apply draw. This is in addition to the lack of publicity in all aspects, but also the lack of functionality and its service and convenient consumer payment service can not be timely follow-up is not without relevance.
City Better Life, and to build an upgraded version of Shanghai City Tour Card is an excellent starting point and entry point. I suggest, in expanding its services to the public and foreign tourists, and to find ways in Shanghai airports, railway stations, bus stations and convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the commercial networks can be easy and convenient to buy City Tour card, rather than the current limited minority purchasing point; upgrades rich Shanghai City Tour in the card face value options, flexible way back of the card should do something, truly welcomed and applauded, but not limited to the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, tourist information center and a few other places.
Promote an upgraded version of Shanghai City Tour card should reflect Shanghai speed, which is to build the image of Shanghai, pull and stimulate consumption a strong anchor.
Readers Jinhong Yuan
Reporter postscript
Recently there have been media reports, the city's two railway stations of the subway ticket queuing time is too long, foreign visitors to buy tickets difficult news. In fact, in Hongqiao Railway Station subway ticket vending machines, a line of nearly 10 units, the problem is often in a "busy uneven" state, even more troublesome is that the influx of visitors but also for the strange and should buy a few dollars counting delays ...... so to promote the "Tourist Card" is to solve this contradiction a key cities. For example, in New York airport reporter saw a small shop, arriving passengers can buy a fixed nominal value anywhere, period reusable metro bus tickets, we may need to easily select the time period. Such as 30 dollars a week ticket, although it only took three days, but used more, plus the convenience, cost is still worth it. Shanghai can be considered in the places where travelers, offering fixed, small denomination "travel card" so that visitors from easy to buy for their transportation and living in Shanghai's convenience.