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Shaanxi Road celebrity name on the street to see the old Shanghai Customs Exhibition

Date: 2013-07-11

According to the "Youth Daily" reported thatyou haveseen theoldJing'anTemple'spackedit?Zhangwitnessedthe popularity ofgardendo?SeenRacecoursehubbubdo?If youare not,you may wishtocelebritynamesShaanxi Road456North Shaanxi Roadstreetlook.Yesterday,celebritynamesby ShaanxiBeiStreetGalleryAdvisory Centreto commemorate the170anniversary of theopening of Shanghaito celebrate theShaanxi Roadwas announced asChinesehistoricaland cultural streetwith the plannedShanghaifamouspainterYE Xiong"OldShanghaicustoms" nationalexhibition opening,reproductionincluding theconceptof the oldShanghailantern,worshipthe God of Wealth, photo studio, makingsoft drinks, HappyHall, etc., ora traditional ortrendythings.
It is learned thatthe oldShanghaiexhibitionof20paintingscustomtheme, showing theChinese and Western culturesina uniquesymbiosisof old Shanghai,be expressedinthe form ofpainting, thenbetter reflectthesophistication andeleganceof old Shanghai.The exhibitionperiod oftwo weeks,untilthe end ofJuly 19.The exhibition"OldShanghaiCustoms'paintinghas beenmade into athemePostcardSet will beissued.

Shaanxi RoadshowcelebritynameStreetConsulting Centerofficial said thatby the end of June, the stafffromFuzhouto welcome backby theChineseMinistry of Culture andNational Heritage Boardawarded the "Chinesehistorical and culturalstreet"nameplatewill soon beheld a grandlisting ceremony.He also said:the historicaland cultural streetShaanxi Roadwill continue tostrive to dobuilding maintenance,landscapeconservation,cultural propagandawork.Currentlybeing plannedforNorth Shaanxi RoadShanghai dialectstoriesand other activities, so that morepeoplecanappreciate here tothe taste andstyleof old Shanghai.