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'Star Charity Gaming Challenge' will be held tonight at Shanghai

Date: 2013-07-24

Original title:"Star CharityGamingChallenge" will beheldtonight atShanghai

July 23news,theTencentgame channel,Tencent microblogging,Tencent CommunityUnitedAmity Foundationjointly organized the "microlovetogetherfor loveand hard work-tosend their children toa toy##public projectsRelease &Star CharityGamingChallengeCompetition "will be held todayevening theIntercontinental HotelinShanghaiPuxiorganized.

Olympic championChen Yibing, entertainmentartistZhang Wei,Jessica Song, WuLei,Gao Xin,China's fivewell-known gamingclan(the royal family, IG, OMG, PE, WE),the emperorSky,well-known gamingcommentaryBBC,freesiaand other sports,entertainment andgaming starwill attendthe event.

TencentTencent microblogginguserscan loginto senda toyfor children##topicunderpost youropinions and views.Inremote areas ofcentral and western Chinatogether for thechildren left behind inrural areasandforlove to passat the same time, there are opportunitiesto geta pleasant surprise.

#Tosend their childrenona toy# project

##Tosend their children toa toygame channelby Tencent,Tencent microblogging,Tencent Community,Amity Foundationco-sponsoredcarein remote areasin central and westernChinaandrural children left behindinpublic loveitems.The project isthe first phase ofplans toSichuanziyangabout450to raise money forchildren left behindby theAmityFoundationand the issuance oflovetoys.