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Shaanxi Business Hotel Shanghai actively carry out fire safety training

Date: 2011-11-22

To conscientiouslyimplement the "deepening ofthe tourism industryJing'an DistrictFire Safety" five"activities" cleaningfires "campaignwork program" spirit,to further enhance thefullunderstanding of the workof fire safety,fire safety knowledgeandto masterthe use offire fighting equipment,establish full"hiddenrisksinfire, prevention isbetter than disaster relief,responsibility is extremely heavy" thinking,Shaanxi Business Hotel ShanghaiatNovember 9,Chang'anhallon the second floorof the hotelfire safety trainingfor all employees.Hotelmanagement and139employeesattended the training.

Training sessionsby the hotelfire authoritiesPengspeaker, hetypical case, analyzingcause of the accidentandlearned, andbasic knowledgeonfire-fightingfacilities,use ofvarious types offire signscognition,evacuationescapepointand other aspects offullmade avivid andcontagioustraining guide.Hotelfire safetyfor theactual situation, combined with thework andlifein theelectricity,gas, andfireknowledge, introduction ofa fireaccidentcaused byreasonsandharmful effects,explained in detailafter the fireofself-defense,self-help, escapeskills,according totype, function, usedescribes the differentuse offire fighting equipment.According to the recentincident ofmajor fireaccidents,thoseshockingimages andfiguresso that all thetraineesof theheart has beena great shock.Thetraining processlasted90 minutesform ofvividillustrations,easytraining content, trainingmethodsbottom interaction, classroomorderly.

Through this training, to further improvethe hotelstaffawareness of the importanceof fireto enhancethe staff'sself-defense,self-help capabilitiesand for thediscovery offire hazardsand processing powerof fire safetypreventionand popularityplayed a goodfacilitating role.

Currently, the hotelis in theautumn and winter"cleaning fires" campaignduringthefire trainingfor "cleaning fires" campaignof the workcarried outand laid asolid foundation.